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     from 11am to 00am

     971 80 55 51


    Location: mid north east of the island

    Nearby villages​:

    Santa Agnès de Corona, Sant Miquel, Santa Gertrudis.

    Places of interest​:

    Cala Aubarca in Sant Mateu and the surrounding area, which is the ideal place for walking.

    Santa Agnès de Corona, the cliffs of Ses Balandres, with a viewpoint and nice routes for walking or cycling. The area is known for its almond blossom in January and February and for night walks along the valley when there is a full moon.

    Sant Miquel de Balanzat: natural harbour of Sant Miquel, a popular spot with tourists where one can enjoy the beach and also visit the caves of Can Marsà.

    Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, the geographical centre of the island, 7 km from Sant Mateu, where you will find both Ibizans and different people with a real mix of customs and cultures.

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